Monday, August 20, 2012

STRAPT Performance - Carli 6" Dominator chasing down a Carli Performance 2.5 Twin Turbo Megacab

The STRAPT shop truck suspended by a Carli 6" Dominator Long Travel Leaf system chasing Baja Joe's Twin Turbo Megacab with Carli Suspension Performance 2.5 System and Full Leaf Pack. Rocky Point Mexico has some under developed roads that are perfect for a well engineered Carli Suspension system. The low road is hard packed 'caliche' which rides like a pot hole plagued farm road. The high road is mostly sand and whoops so it is fairly soft making it easy to smash through with the 3.0 King Shocks.
STRAPT Performance builds quality Super Trucks and supplies the best engineered components to keep your trucks geometry in line for all types of suspension applications. From superior performing Starter Systems to insane performance Carli Dominator suspension systems we have you covered. Call STRAPT @ 602.773.6668 to find out what we can do for your daily driver.


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